Volunteering on Bagging Day

Bagging day is when the Jazz Festival Welcome Packs are assembled. A few years ago, this really was a bagging DAY – and a very busy one at that. These days we take a few short-cuts, and for 2022 all the bags will be pre-labelled and boxed in alphabetical order. All that is required is the stuffing of the bags (and maintaining the correct order – very important).

For the Jazz Lovers, each bag simply needs to be filled with a single program booklet, the program inserts and a badge. For the musicians, it gets a little trickier as some of them need to be double stuffed (two booklets, two lots of inserts and two badges). The ones that need to be double stuffed will be very clearly marked as such on the label.

Volunteers are an important part of the Festival workforce. Without your generous contribution the Festival simply wouldn’t happen. Your time is both valued and recognised, and a free badge and program booklet can be collected from the Jazz Office on bagging day.

Bagging Day is Wednesday 8 June at 9am (Twyford Hall).