Volunteering as a Venue/Stage Manager

Venue/Stage Managers at the Jazz Festival make sure that performances run to schedule, with bands getting onto the stage (and off again) at the required times. Without these volunteers, band leaders will need to work together to make sure that all performances adhere to their allotted times. This can work, and it does for a number of other Jazz Festivals, but it runs more smoothly with appropriate oversight.

Some Venue/Stage Managers will announce bands at the start of performances, although many bands are happy to announce themselves. The more important role of the manager is to keep to time, with possibly a 5 minute wind up signal.

The Guide to Stage Management that has been used in recent years is now available on the web.
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The Jazz Festival mobile number is 0436 387 698 (active only over the Festival weekend).

Volunteers are an important part of the Festival workforce. Without your generous contribution the Festival simply wouldn’t happen. Your time is both valued and recognised, and a free badge and program booklet will be available at the Jazz Office over the weekend.

Venue Managers

TwyfordLakeviewFunction RoomMaple LeafSapphire RoomAudi
Fri 5pm to 8pmPeter FoxBob UngerCherie GlanvilleTracey BlomfieldDoc RyanPeter Ayling
Fri 8pm to 11pmPeter FoxBob UngerPaul DionTracey BlomfieldDoc RyanPeter Ayling
Sat noon to 4pmPeter FoxGarry MorleyGloria CampbellLee Collier
Sat 4pm to 7pmPeter FoxAndrea PickensEddie BrucePeter CochraneMarshall Reid
Sat 7pm to 11pmPeter FoxPaul DionEddie BrucePeter CochraneDoc RyanLawson Reid
Sun noon to 4pmPeter FoxDorothea BonneyLee CollierGarry MorleyCherie Glanville
Sun 4pm to 7pmPeter FoxLawson ReidLee CollierMarshall ReidDoc RyanGillian McCallum
Sun 7pm to 11pmPeter FoxLawson ReidGarry MorleyMarshall ReidDoc Ryan