Musician and Band Registrations

Born in 1981, the Merimbula Jazz Festival is the festival for musicians.

The Merimbula Jazz Festival gives musicians young and old, experienced and starting out, the chance to come together; play music and socialise together over the June . Once popular all over Australia, there are now very few of these festivals left. The Merimbula Jazz Festival Committee is dedicated to ensuring the longevity of this festival to ensure that jazz lives on for the coming generations.

“I met more Melbourne musicians at the 1998 Merimbula Jazz Festival than I’d met in the full year that I’d been living in Melbourne. It’s an amazing place to network and meet potential band members. ” Cherie Glanville, Vocalist & 2023 Merimbula Jazz Festival President

Planning your first visit/performance? Please note that we do not pay bands to play. Nor do we pay for travel and accommodation. Bands register for free. Musicians pay a $10 registration fee. In return we provide some food/drink vouchers. A small disbursement is paid back to the musicians who performed if the festival makes a profit.

Musician and Band registrations closes 20th March 2023

To register – Every musician must complete a Musician Registration Form and pay the $10 registration fee. Musicians may register to play in multiple bands on the one form.

We also need a Band Registration Form for every band, complete with the contact details of the band leader and the names and instruments of all band members.

Musicians – your registration can only be confirmed once we receive your $10 registration fee. You also have the option to pay $60 for musician plus partner or parent (limit of one discount registration per musician).

Bands – your registration can only be confirmed once we receive the bandleader’s band form and we know that all your band members have registered and paid their $10 fee.

Direct Deposit Bank Details

BSB: 032704
Account number: 117895
Account Name: Merimbula Jazz Festival Inc
Reference: Please write the same name that’s on your registration form so we can match you up easily.


NOTE: On some web browsers, when you click on the link it will open the form in the browser, but you might not be able to save the form with your information intact. If that’s the case for your browser, save a copy of the form locally, then fill it in, save it, and email it to us.