No Big 40th for 2021 !!!

After much deliberation, the Merimbula Jazz Festival Committee has resolved to postpone the BIG 40th MJF for another 12 months. Registration fees are fully refundable, but will take some time to process.

Jazz Lovers

  • – If you paid by PayPal, a refund will be issued by clicking on the Refund button in our PayPal dashboard (this is something for us to do – no action required by you)
  • – If you paid by Direct Deposit, we will contact you for bank details to issue a refund
  • – If you paid by Cheque, we will contact you about your refund


  • – If you are a Band Leader, there is no specific refund as there is no fee to register a band
  • – If you are a Band Leader who paid a single registration fee for your band, there will be a single refund issued to your nominated bank account
  • – If you are a Musician who sent us a form and payment, there will be a refund issued to the bank account as detailed on your form
  • – If you are a Musician’s partner or parent, the Musician refund will be a combined payment

email us at any time if you think we may not have your bank details

For information, the process ahead of us is to examine each and every bank ledger entry, and try and determine the corresponding information for that payment from our forms. This is not as easy as it might seem. Refunds will not be processed until we have completed our data matching, as we need to get this right the first time around (as a not-for-profit, we simply don’t have the funds to make erroneous and unrecoverable payments).

Clarification emails will be sent out in March with a link to this page. We will be emailing Band Leaders, Musicians and Jazz Lovers (where we have an email address). Band Leaders are asked if they could also make sure their Band Members are aware of the cancellation. Refunds will be batch processed before the end of April. If it is May and you have not received anything from us, email or call me (I have added my details to our Contact page).

Thank you for your patience and understanding –
Adrian, MJF Treasurer, Registrations & webmaster