Welcome to the 37th Merimbula Jazz Festival

With 110 bands and 640 musicians making the pilgrimage to Merimbula for this year’s jazz festival over the June long weekend, the stage is set for a cracker.

Programming to ensure everybody gets a good hearing is, as you can imagine, an onerous task with so many musicians on board. To help with this, and to have bands starting on the hour, we have added some earlier and later performance spots this year.

Avoiding clashes is very difficult when taking into account the non availability of some bands at certain times during the festival, and also the handful of musicians (we know who you are) who insist on playing in well over the two band quota, as specified on the musician registration form. However we have set the program to keep clashes to an absolute minimum.

A couple of bands comprising very active musicians have been awarded only one spot. Rest assured though, the players from these bands will have plenty of playing throughout the weekend.

All the venues are in town so players and audiences can easily walk from venue to venue and avoid driving.

As mentioned earlier the spots commence on the hour, and we advise that a 45 minute playing time gives ample time to get to other venues should you have consecutive spots at different venues.

Looking forward to hearing some excellent jazz and having fun at this year’s festival.

Paul Dion, Programmer MJF
0408 545 859

click here for the 2017 program

and information about our Merimbula Jazz Festival venues can be found here

While it would be unfair if we posted the complete Festival Program booklet (which is a component of the registration package), we are OK with providing the glossy inserts for anybody to download.

Insert 1 is a pretty table of who is on, and when and where.

Insert 2 is a similarly pretty list of all bands alphabetically sorted, showing their appearance times.

We have also produced an on-line program and a set of iCal files.