Jazz Festival Awards

Recipients of the Merimbula Jazz Festival Award have traditionally been musicians who were chosen for their significant contributions to the festival over a period of time.  These musicians have shown dedication to the ongoing development and longevity of jazz music, in all its various forms, and the continuing patronage of jazz festivals.

The 2023 MJF Committee determined that a small number of volunteers, who had shown incredible dedication to the Festival, were equally deserving of recognition.

Given the passing of former MJF President and Secretary Kevin and Aileen Walsh in 2022 and work carried out by the remaining committee, four MJF Service Awards were presented at the Official Festival Opening in 2023. These awards recognised the volunteer work carried out by Kevin and Aileen Walsh, and also by Adrian Pitt and Paul Dion.

Without the following past winners, the Merimbula Jazz Festival would not be celebrated as Australia’s longest running jazz festival of its kind!

Past Winners

Madam Pat Thompson
Keith Sadler
Roy Gillot
Ron Lucas
Jiri Kripac
Pierre Kammacher
John Ansell
Alex Hutchinson
Paul Ingle
Ian Williams
Kevin Partridge
Dave Drummond
Nyn Hamilton
John Judge
Maurie Fabrikant
Barry Hanley
Gordon Benjamin
Margie & Tony Fullerton
Des Camm
Saul Richardson
Russell Sheridan
Stan Delle Virgin
John Cursley
John Moffatt
Bill McLean
Rob Young
Ron Anderson
John Morrison
Alan Richards
Ione & Alan Harbourne
Tony Buckley
Roger Clark
Bob Porter
Barry & Nesta Whitlock