Equipment supplied at venues for musicians


Each venue will be equipped with a high quality bass amplifier. These feed the PA systems via a DI. Microphones for bass instruments are generally not used. It is preferred that musician use the amplifiers supplied.


Each venue will have a high quality jazz drum kit which will be tuned before each day’s performances. It is usual for some drummers to use their own cymbals or snare drum. If this is the case, it is important that the kit is returned to its original state at the end of the set.


The RSL Maple Leaf Room and Lakeview Hotel will have baby grand pianos. Twyford hall will have an upright acoustic piano. The pianos are typically Yamaha or Kawai. The pianos are tuned daily. The other venues* will have digital keyboards.


All venues will have at least 5 vocal/instrument stage microphones plus DIs. All microphones are of professional quality (typically SM58 or similar). If bands need unusual microphone requirements, they should talk to the sound engineer at the venue well ahead of their performance to see if they can be accommodated.