Lakeside Lantern Walk

The Merimbula Lakeside Lantern Walk is an event for the whole community. The Lantern Walk will be held on Festival Saturday as part of the BIG 40th Merimbula Jazz Festival on the June long weekend.

It is a family-friendly event where kids, parents and grandparents, individuals and community groups carry a lantern and walk beside the picturesque Merimbula Lake, accompanied by street musicians. Entire families are encouraged to be part of the event, with kids and adults alike carrying their own lanterns.

This is a free event with the only expense being the nominal cost of creating a lantern.

Come and be part of this event and transform a winter’s night into a spectacle of light and music. Assemble at 5 pm at Spencer Park, Merimbula. Walk begins at 5:30 pm and makes its way into Beach Street, ending near Twyford Hall.

How to get involved

Create your own individual lantern or get a team together to build a lantern which represents your social/community group or cultural background.

Bring a musical instrument, e.g. flute or tambourine and walk along with the lantern-carriers. Teachers & educators are encouraged to run classes in lantern-making for their own students/kids.

Lanterns can be of any size or shape, from small hand-held lanterns to large lanterns jointly carried by a group of people. Lanterns can be powered by LED light; no naked flames please. Use readily available materials like cardboard, paper, cellophane, wax paper etc to create your lantern.